Serena Baxter has over 14 years engineering experience, with 11 of those years as a structural engineer in the buildings market.  Working closely with architects and various engineering disciplines as a senior project engineer and project manager with MLA Engineering, Ms. Baxter brings critical communication and organizational skills to the team. 

Ms. Baxter's experience includes building facilities and remodels, large hospital towers and bridge design.  This variety of projects has given her a broad range of experience working with both public and with private clients, as well as with contractors.  She has engineered structures for the municipal, commercial, healthcare and institutional sectors in the United States and abroad. Her recently completed design project with MLA is the Ocean Wonder: Shark Exhibit Building at the New York Aquarium. Ms. Baxter is currently managing the structural design of the platform and canopy expansion of the Sound Transit Station at the historic Freighthouse Square in Tacoma, Washington.