About Us: 

MLA serves a variety of local, national and international projects. As designers of buildings and specialty structures that require critical thinking and creativity, MLA provides unique engineering opportunities within a small business culture.



MLA Engineering is a structural consulting and design firm founded in 1999. We have an impressive record of designing new buildings and renovating existing structures in concrete, structural steel, masonry, and wood-framed structures.  Our projects vary from small to large-size buildings and facilities. MLA specializes in the structural design of buildings, zoos and aquariums, entertainment facilities, and specialty structures.

The MLA staff is a team of motivated and highly qualified professionals who listen and respond to clients with focused solutions. We confirm project requirements and goals at inception and then develop a communication and work plan that facilitates meeting those objectives. Our project engineers inform our clients of structural options, recommend solutions that provide value, and develop construction drawings that respond to the project delivery method. With access to state-of-the-art resources, tools and continuing education, our engineers provide current, innovative and technically sound solutions. 

Strong client relationships and trust are crucial to the success of our clients and our firm, which we achieve by providing consistent, dependable and responsive service. More than 80% of MLA's business is from return clients, which demonstrates our commitment to making the success of your project our first priority.  


            MICHAEL LEONARD ,   P.E., S.E.


              SERENA  BAXTER,   P.E., S.E.  

       SERENA BAXTER, P.E., S.E. 

              JEFF THOMPSON  ,  P.E.

           JEFF THOMPSON, P.E.

             MYLES PARRISH, P.E.

           MYLES PARRISH, P.E.

         AARON EVERSMAN ,   P.E., S.E.

       AARON EVERSMAN , P.E., S.E.

                 MIKE ORLOFF , E.I.T.

              MIKE ORLOFF, E.I.T.

                    LINDA JI , E.I.T

                 LINDA JI, E.I.T