New York Aquarium

Ocean Wonders - Sharks! Exhibit

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Owner:  Wildlife Conservation Society & New York Aquarium

Structural Engineer:  MLA Engineering

The new Shark Building is a 3-story cast-in-place concrete structure designed to reflect the natural environment that it inhabits. This is accomplished primarilythrough its organic shape, landscaping, and unique shimmer wall cladding, which uses thousands of indivdual metal flappers that are free to swing in response to the wind and provide a dynamic reflection of the ocean and sky. Other exterior features include a wrap-around accessibility ramp, which leads to a rooftop classroom and touch-tank, and an eatery that provides services to the adjacent boardwalk. The 11 salt-water tanks within the building provide visitors with a variety of exhibit experiences, including a coral reef tunnel and expansive shark tank with overhead viewing through a shipwreck.